marigold, cabernet
cool chartreuse and lime and rouge and champagne
sweet tea rose, cobalt blue
yellow ochre, fig, and hollyhock too

my baby loves me, she lights my fuse
so many shades, so many tones, so many tints, so many hues

pale maroon
yellow moon
blue lagoon

graphite black, heather grey
lipstick red, sky blue, and cafe au lait
lemon-lime, aubergine
burnt sienna, ash, or emerald green

so many shades of gray
a million reds, a million greens
to light a million christmas days

there’s prawn, there’s coral, there’s salmon, there’s flesh
all there used to be was pink
your love revealed a color wheel
snow white to india ink
first you see the primary three,
and then roy g biv alone
but now there’s ivory, ecru and flax,
there’s even baby powder and bone

milky white, baby blue
mustard, olive, mignonette, and cashew
indigo and lapis lazuli
the rest of the blues from teal to midnight to sky

since you’ve loved me, i see the light
a world i never saw before now big and bold and bright

sea foam green

rose parade
yellow jade
summer shade

pale maroon
yellow moon
blue lagoon