monday song #90: let’s put on a show


this one started out as another paul-and-linda harmony piece, and then i had the idea to have the choruses follow the evolution of the band. the last section is pretty rocking, if i do say so myself. the result is a kind of meta-pop song, similar to “i can’t believe i’m dying (with this song in my head),” each having the music come to life in what was originally a spare arrangement. a more famous example (but not much more) is nilsson’s take on randy newman’s “vine street,” though the song starts as the demo before settling into the spare arrangement.

i’ve been piecing together an outline for a high school focused album, and i think this one will fit right in. it has another one of my love/not love relationships that seem to inhabit many of my stories. in this case it’s rosie and the singer, who by process of elimination, must also be the guitar player. i pictured small kurt cobain-like guy, and a tough girl who has a soft spot for him. you’ll find earlier incarnations in “rachel rides the short bus” and “you and only me.”

i like to think of all the characters in my songs inhabit a shared world, so i imagine all these kids go to “lowe valley high.” i don’t tend to plan my stories in advance, but once they start coming to life, i’m always ready to populate the edges with other folks. or even have the same character recur, like emily jane in “the cure” and “another log in the fire.

i have ten more songs to number 100. i’m considering changing the theme at that time, maybe doing something a bit more experimental and psychedelic. i’m considering calling it “monday sounds,” unleashing the inner weirdo (and giving the outer weirdo a rest.)

until next week.