watch “the cure”



emily jane
the tuscaloosa hurricane
is crazy again

she’ll sing in the rain
take off her clothes,
unlock the chains
and dance down the lane

chasing butterflies
she knows she’ll only catch them
when she’s learned to fly

emily wise
the nurse’s questions hurt her eyes
of course she lies
smiles and cries
locked in this madman’s paradise
she’s been here twice

nothing much to see
everyone is crazy,
but not like me

have you seen the miracle
the multi-colored lyrical
the ultimate empirical parade
it’s a mind grenade

have you felt
the over-flowing
ever-knowing confidence
the glowing lights the way
at last you know you’re okay

crazy no more
she drags a deep despair
out the door
repaired for sure

emily jane
she’ll flush those pills
right down the drain
and pray for rain