monday song #53: close-up

lyrics william holden isĀ face down in the swimming pool. the police arrive followed by the press. flashbulbs pop. questions go unanswered. gloria swanson creeps down the stairs. an elderly spider, patient, arms held at unnatural angles, ready to dance or cast a spell. her head tilts off center; her once lovely face pulled tight by […]

monday song #47: still life

lyrics staring at the floor. frozen. scuffed wood once elegant, now dulled by years of water spraying from the kitchen sink. it’s the eighth floor at liberty lane. frozen. looking down. familiar. elliott came from a family that spent their lives propping up the walls, keeping the ceiling in place. his father drinking and laughing […]

monday song #2: nadine

lyrics the second monday song. when i was in junior high there was a girl named nadine in my wood shop class. at some point, the boys started taunting her: “nadine, nadine, the header machine.” i never discovered the background, but, though she disappeared before high school, she was forever etched into my brain. years […]