it was the summer of ‘68
johnson had quit, nixon would celebrate,
your mother told me you’d flown out late
i admit i sighed some relief

here i was with you far away
all the things I never said, i suddenly needed to say
all those years i’d looked the other way
suddenly beyond belief

oh my time flies

i read the papers looked for clues
i sat too close to the six o’clock news
i searched for the slightest sight of you
and relaxed when you weren’t there

a world away, waist deep in rice
a volunteer, a sacrifice
through all my smoke screens i’d never thought twice
now i need to clear the air

oh my time flies
oh my time
flies away

sand through my fingers
thoughts through my head
the pain of it lingers
we thought you were dead
but instead
you were granted a stay
but just for a day

it was december of 69
you flew home safe months ahead of time
i put on my best suit and smoothed out the lines
there’s no time like today

you shuffled out, afraid to fall
all my questions you answered them all
i stood there wide open, but you built a wall
or somebody locked you away
a million miles away

oh my time flies x3
oh my time
time flies away
and your gone