monday song #25: time flies


i thought i’d write a few little ditties before getting back to the story line. my new music room has windows. there’s grass and sky out there. i can even see a piece of the space needle. i felt the happy songs coming…

no such luck.

our protagonist, with the aid of his trusty i.v. travels back in time, to when his son went away to war. once ambivalent at best, his heart breaks open, perhaps even a hint of insight, dying for his boy to come home, dying for a second chance. dying.

alas, we knew this was a tragic arc when it started. we’ve reached a bottom of sorts, but there’s a basement, and many levels of parking.

as i’ve been doing in the flashbacks, i used the musical style of the era, this time the confessional style of the late 60s (which happens to be pretty much my natural style). neil young and joni mitchell peek through from time to time. and once again i bent and sculpted the “mistra know it all” chords. without oversight, every song i write would share this progression. i should start a stevie wonder jar and drop a quarter in it each time i do.

not sure what the next sequence will be. i know some milestones ahead, but i don’t have a map. the uncertainty is all part of the fun, right?

it’s good to be back.

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  1. Hi Andy
    Your voice is as great as it was back in the day, when I saw you down at Blake’s. Its been a long time since we both worked together in Berkeley. I am glad to see you have still kept you’re dream alive. Send me an e-mail as to your upcoming gigs, & I will check your new band out.
    Take Care

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