lately i’ve been spying on the stars
i lie awake to find a break tween jupiter and mars
i design a ship to fly away
beyond the gray
we leave today

my astronomy
the space between you and me

lately i’ve been howling at the moon
your time machine a line between december dark and june
ten at night to quarter after noon
it’s all too soon
a ride to ruin

my astronomy
the universe and me
a twilight kiss now
airtight history

i hide from the light
to explore the cold dark night
the universe expands
and all i want is to hold your hand

lately i’ve been staring at the sun
my vision fades the music dies a silence just begun
staring down the barrel of your gun
nowhere to run
if i close my eyes i’m done

my astronomy
the space tween you and me
out of sight you’re
burning bright and free

the space between you and me
the space between you and me
space between you and me
between you and me
you and me