monday song #75: stargazing


i’ve had this one laying around unfinished for a few months. my son, cormac, told me if i wrote more songs like this, he might actually like my music.

the bridge and the end were improvised during recording, and then i figured out a melody and words that worked. the song was improved quite a bit. it’s a little less leaden as a whole. not that leaden is a bad thing. i mentioned it on the notes for my recent album and it remains true: the best ideas come from the work. when your committed and dedicated, the subconscious seems to steer you in the right direction. i’ve learned that as long as there is time, i can solve any musical problem to my own liking.

as a person who likes to intellectualize his problems, i liked the centerpiece of ‘my astronomy,’ combing through the loss as if it were a scientific problem: you’re grieving, but somehow focused on a world you think you can control. it’s funny but commitment and dedication in that world is not quite as productive. it can dig you a real hole.

so what is it now? four weeks – four songs. last time that happened was spring 2009, after something like 24 in a row. it feels good to be more consistent again. that said, unfortunately i’ll miss next week, as i’ll be out of town playing music with my old band, walrus, away from my instruments and gear. maybe i can try out a four-track app… either way, i’ll try to post a video or something instead, i’d like to keep the fun ball rolling.

until next time…

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  1. I love this one, …not leaden at all, just very real in its sadness, ….the saddest part being his effort, hopefulness, and total loneliness. Beautiful lyrics.

    1. Yeah. Sometimes loss can feel like being smothered, or drowning. In this case it’s more like the emptiness of space.

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