monday song #109: “gratitude”

here’s something i made out of the divine scraps of other tunes; the musical equivalent of my movie editing style.
the result is somewhere between glam rock tribal rite and the bubbling absurdity of dreams.
it’s the most fun i’ve had being creative in a long time.
* azar lawrence: “gratitude”
* queen: “bohemian rhapsody,” “we will rock you,” “prophet song,”
* “fat bottomed girls,” “dreamer’s ball,” “in the lap of the gods”
* rick rubin: “we will rock you (remix)”
* led zeppelin: “in the light”
* golden rain: “ketjak: the ramayana monkey chant”

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monday underground #14: “king con”

i threw together a simple video for “king con.” makes it easier to share in the age of trump.

the middle section is from betty boop’s “snow white” and features max fleischer’s creation, koko the clown. the dancing is cab calloway rotoscoped. seemed like it captured the 30s-ness of the bridge, as well as the haunted house-ness of the coming administration. yikes!!

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monday song #108: king con


in honor of donald drumpf’s inauguration, i give you “king con.”

the only possible upside his unpleasant reign could bring would be the end of the republican party whose graft and insincerity summoned him from the bowels of hell.

hail to the theif.


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cd release: “up, up, and away”



thursday night (october 6, 2016) marks the official cd-release party for “up, up, and away.” i will be performing the entire album live, accompanying the feature length film i made, at the historic Grand Illusion cinema in north Seattle (7pm).

“up, up, and away” is an old-fashioned concept album that describes the experience of a manic episode i endured back in 1999, a side effect of anti-depressants.  read more >

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final edit: “up, up, and away” – full movie


i’ve just completed the final edit of my feature-length video, “up, up, and away.” this project has been in the planning stages since 2011, and i’ve been actively working on it for most of the past year. i’m really excited about the results.

the film captures the various emotional states that accompanied a manic episode i suffered back in 1999, after being mistakenly prescribed anti-depressants.  read more >

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