monday song #93: lullaby (for m & w)


this is a song i made up spontaneously on a recent saturday night, but didn’t have the energy to pursue it. i listened to it yesterday and thought it had promise. not till i started wrestling with the lyrics did i realize it was a lullaby.

as i was working on the recording, i further realized that my daughter maude might make use of it when she’s babysitting our neighbors’ lovely son, wilder. when he gets fussy or cries, she feels so sorry for him. i thought a pretty little number like this might just do the trick.

of course that was before i slathered on the harmonies, making it quite bit harder for her to pick out the main vocal.

i’m a bit of a harmony glutton: one voice is never enough, and four isn’t either. still, i think the blends worked. as usual with larger arrangements like this, it was constructed by feeling my way around in the dark. trying this, trying that, trying sharp, trying flat, until a shape took place. at that point i can edit, and re-sing, and sculpt out a sound. the result is always something i never could’ve imagined as a whole, a la brian wilson, but i know a good note when i hear one.

happy mother’s day! (yesterday)

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