monday song #30: the nice guy


thus ends the cycle “connect the dots.”

i have loved “jesus christ superstar” since elementary school. after the crucifixion, there is a final number called “john 19:41.” i listened for years without ever inspecting what lay there, i assumed he got sucked up to heaven in a brilliant white light.

but instead, john 19:41 describes a new tomb in a garden where jesus died and where he is laid to rest. no assent to heaven, no miracles, just a dead man being given his final home. in some way the lack of magic made the whole story more powerful. (jesus is way more interesting as a misunderstood mortal. immortality is intrinsically boring.)
i was going for a similar type of related ending. the world goes on. things fade out and fade back in. a little ken burns piano and its hard to tell whether it’s a goodbye or a hello.

next week i start “mind on fire.” i’ve been waiting to do this one for a few years. i may even bring a few old demos back into the light, stretching the rules of monday songs; but if you haven’t heard them, how do you know they’re not new.

i hope to stay on the next theme for a while. mental illness, psychedelia and self-consciousness. what could be better?