wonder boy



here come young flat top
he come grooving down the street
he got the rhythm slap the bass string
bump the bootie to the buddha beat
he got the mind, the heart,
the hands, the ears, the eyes
he ride the elevator
straight up to the sky
here he stands for the starting gun
wonder boy, you’re my number one
look around, make your plans
you’ll wonder, boy, where you began
he play piano, now’s the time, prelude in C
he drop the mercy, mercy, raindrop
entertainer, anthropology
tap to the beatles now he pogo to green day
he writes his punk rock hits they
fit with billy joe, mike, and trey
there he goes, on the run
wonder boy you’re my number one
look around, make it last
you’ll wonder, “boy, it goes by fast”
so ride the time machine
make concrete from your dreams
you’ll see, believe me
if you want to make it true
all you gotta be is you
and you’ll be
whoever you want to be
one day you crack your scrapbook
see the start of middle school
and there you’ll be bright smiling braces,
shorts, and baseball shirts the rule
you’ll see your handsome bright compassion
never, ever out of style
you’ll find this old man’s silly love song
makes you smile
on he plays, my only son
wonder boy, you’re my number one
future calls, you’re gonna shine
no wonder, boy you still got time
wonder boy you’ll do just fine
i’m so proud to say you’re mine
twelve years is a long, long time

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