walking away



’twas a long-distance romance
a delicate tap dance
i made up my mind to take a chance
to be closer to you
i drove across the usa
into your arms, and to my dismay,
your eyes revealed what your ims failed to say
you’ll only love me if i stay away from you
that’s not easy to do
you love me when i’m walking away
but you haven’t a clue what to do when i stay
if i get too close you get lonely
you love me when i’m out of the room
you beg me back, but when i come it’s too soon
we’ll need a cake for the bride, one more for the groom
but if I walk away I know
you kiss my pillow and hug my coat
you’ll make sweet love to my memory
i wish it was me
but when i’m there you sigh so sadly
you make believe but do it badly
you kill the seduction when
when you kiss without suction
you’re a whole lot warmer in email
how’m i gonna get to you if i keep walking away?
you love me when i leave you alone
you kick me out and then you ring my phone
singin’ bill bailey won’t you please come home
complete distress or sweet surrender
sealed with a kiss return to sender
a bloody mess with my brain in a blender
i can’t help but defend her
giving up is giving in
to this crazy dream i’m living in
can’t breath in a vacuum
but what does it matter
i’ve never felt better with my head on a platter
my world gone to pieces
my life is in tatters
you say that you will but you won’t
you know what to do, but, baby, then you don’t
you ask me to give
you want me to take
you ask for a fix but
what you want is a break
i offer my heart then you stab
i hide it away then it’s grab grab grab
i think you’d love me best laid out on a slab
i’ve come to like it when we fight
cause making up always feels so right
so long as i’m gone by the morning light
you say you love me, i say “out of sight”
when i moved out, then you moved in
the more you doubt, the more i win
i’m going crazy
so hard to be patient
but its worth it even adding in the bill for medication
the only way to love you true is to keep walking away
and i love you madly
the only way to get to you is by walking way

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