there’s flowers on the ceiling
if you just connect the dots
my daydream constellations
my sweet forget-me-nots
the wallpaper’s peeling
the floor is cold and hard
above me hangs a canvas
the universe in my back yard
they leave me to my notions
they come they go they let me be
and that’s just fine by me
the sting of disinfectant
the cool caress of alcohol
yesterday the nurse’s face changed
i don’t have long at all
i’d kill to hear this bird song
but it’s smothered by the wind
i’m dying for some sunshine
but the curtains keep it dim
i only need a moment
but the time just isn’t right
as day dissolves to night
it can’t be over
i’ve just begun
to see without my blinders
to see what I’ve become
faces at my bedside
familiar faces smiling out
i knew them all this morning
but now I have my doubts

photos on the bedstand
their voices haunt my dreams
i try to make connections
but can the world be what it seems
if this goes here then that goes there
and if i’m wrong who really cares
there’s flowers on the ceiling
if i just connect the dots
make something out of nothing
or the something I forgot
if I could just collect my thoughts