you dance through life your head in the clouds
melodies obstructed by doubts
an orchestra constructed of screams and shouts

you’re spinning in the sky
rowboats flying by
you’re drenched beneath the driving rain
that shapes the i inside the hurricane

paint your pictures, shine on the stage
still the letters jitterbug on the page
feels like someone changing channels
from right to rage

in your scattershotgun mind
the blind beating the blind
all hope is lost until you find the pain
that lights the i inside the hurricane

the storm says do not enter
lean back you’ll find the center
in a world that’s racing much too fast
all you need is speed

speeding up is slowing you down
you breath the helium that worships the ground
after years of noise you finally find the sound
and it’s all around

a world with room to think
the chalk has turned to ink
every day another link in the chain
when you’re the i inside the hurricane

angels sing you songs
the waves have turned to calms
at last the world fits in the palm of your brain
yes you’re the i inside the hurricane
it’s always dry inside the hurricane
lay down and fly inside the hurricane