like a diamond but flawed
my mad season abroad
when I served in trieste

i was Languishing lost
uung like christ double-crossed
nailed down tight and undressed

a prostitute managed our band
she had skills i still can’t understand
she’d take my hand and sing
ain’t love grand

if we had a success
i would buy her a dress
that was cut low and tight

we’d scream we’d moan
then she’d pick up the phone
and go out for the night

in june we made love on the sand
the long night in jail was unplanned
i was too weak to stand
ain’t love grand

dreams are so real
you can think you can feel
secret details that long ago faded

there’s a crack in my heart
where the fantasies start
who longs for truth when the passion’s paraded

she still haunts my dreams
her breasts like high beams
i grin and go blind

her lilac perfume
fills my emptied out room
she stole all she could find

though I never made a demand
i still Lay there smiling unmanned
in my dreams she still kisses my…
ain’t love grand