the farm



bee hive, gravel drive, a farmhouse on the hill
gears grind, the rental climbs, the grass grows taller still
stone stairs, rocking chairs, piano’s lost its tune
the weather’s mild the roses wild on a sunny day in june
sky grinning wide as we wander side by side,
the creek has long since dried up in its bed
we walk through the trees, as memories whisper in the breeze,
and a flock of angry geese honk overhead.
cattails, indian trails, the tractor rusts in peace
bobwhites, mosquito bites, the barn’s down on its knees
barbed wire, cricket choir, as day returns to night
summer stars and firefly jars, a million sparks of light
the sheep slept in rows the night we saw the ufos,
we stood there frozen pointing at the sky
but tonight we’re on our own, it’s like the world hung up the phone,
too many loved ones come and gone to say goodbye
when morning comes we sweep up crumbs
as the car coasts down the hill
time’s been cruel to the swimming pool the bullfrogs rule the swill
in a rear-view mirror it disappears as we ease around the bend
you walk the land where your world began you find you’re closer to the end

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