watch “swept away”



in the summer sun, praying for the rain
winter’s come on strong, if only in her brain
watch the normals strut and moon and dance
and desecrate her cold romance
in the summer sun, dying for the rain

she paints the garden glow
in blacks and whites only
she sings the brilliant blues
in shades of darkest night
deep space lonely

on the summer sand, drowning in a flood
she can’t understand, she’s lost a lot of blood,
see the crimson mud
and she hates it here cuz there is no there there
she just won’t fit in anywhere

inside rage, outside calm
can’t turn the page, so drop the bomb

in the summer sun, walking on the moon,
she’s dancing,
there’s the starting gun, she’ll pull the trigger soon,
and end this cheap romancing,

i’ve fallen down
can’t get up off the ground
the street sweeper’s calling
oh my beautiful darling

sweep me away…