sweet sixteen



she’s sixteen and she’s going strong
she spills out of her cocktail dress and picks at her thong
she paints her lips crimson in the mirror glow
she pulls her jacket tight around her so her parents won’t know
she’s sixteen her boyfriend’s twenty-five
he’s got a twelve-pack in his back seat so he makes her drive
they park around the corner and they work up a thirst
he holds her hand as they enter yes he’s gonna be the first
ohhh sweet sixteen
you grow so fast
but you’re still so green
she’s sixteen the light’s are going dark she started
drinking from the keg then moved to cutty sark
her boyfriend walks her up the staircase finds an empty room
she feels so grateful that his friends all seem to want to come too
ohhh sweet sixteen
you think you’ve grown
but you’re in between
when she was a child
she danced ballet
she always smiled
when they let her stay
one day those shoes
didn’t fit anymore
did she choose
or did someone
she’s sixteen yes there’s something wrong
her dress is pulled up to her shoulders and she’s lost the thong
she doesn’t recognize the bedroom or the stains on the sheets
her crotch is burning head is throbbing out the back she retreats
she’s sixteen and she’s crying in bed
she’s got bruises on her thighs a healthy lump on her head
she’s gonna burn that black dress and put it out of her mind
she thinks she’ll straighten up the mess and then the photos come online
Oh sweet sixteen
you’re growing old
and life is mean
sweet sixteen
you think you’ve grown
but you’re…
ohhh sweet sixteen
you grow so fast
but you’re still so green

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