fire cracks the sky
bleeding north, spilling south
slowly burning its way to the ground

the wind worries in
punches dusk in the mouth
rushing mad through the branches
a song without sound

fate’s fickle fingers
stick her pins in the dark
and needles of light sparkle out

the moon pulls the tides
guides the blood through my heart
leaves me dangling, suspended
between fever and doubt

pump up the valium
pull down the shade
life is unkind
and you’re slipping away

once upon a time
it was happily ever after
and ever after’s been nothing but pain

you huffed and you puffed
and you blew out the headlights
kept your foot on the pedal
we sped through the rain

the heater’s on high
still i’m numb to the bone
when i stand, it’s just like lying down

i’ve got so much to tell you
but i can’t find the phone
or the floor
or my fingers
through all this
spinning around

pump up the valium…

i open my eyes
and consider the ceiling
try to guess if it’s day or it’s night

you left me the bed
but you burned all the blankets
my cold comfort
your licorice spite

i float to the kitchen
try to manage some eggs
and pretend that i wanted them scrambled

then on to the couch
and a world where i don’t miss you
as i count out the cure
then forget

i count out the cure
and forget

i count out the cure

pump up the valium…