perky muscle girl
perky muscle girl
you rule my world

you jog just like you’re running a race
tight shorts, shirt, and face
i lose my place
i’m suddenly in outer space

your cold efficiency, your drive to succeed
i’d sing your praises, but i just can’t breath
your focus, form, your dark assault
you perfection shines a light on my every fault

perky muscle girl
tearing down my world
but the heaven’s swirl
they whirl

caught me peeking in
i look away then peek again
can she feel my grin?
it’s not on my face it’s within

ride up behind you then i pedal by
in your world I’m non-existent,
you’re the heart of my desire
my insignificance just heightens the thrill
i’m just a slave to your Olympian will

perky muscle girl
seven seconds to rock my world
ankle weights and curls
my flag unfurls

though i leave you far behind
you’re still at the front of my mind
until I find
a perky muscle girl

perky muscle girl