love song


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all you ever wanted was a love that you could trust
a day that passed in hours and a bond that wouldn’t rust
all you ever asked for was a fire to keep you warm
a sensible umbrella to keep you dry inside a storm
but all that ever mattered were the things you gave away
the care, the strength, the simple wisdom
that you shared on your best day
you can spend a lifetime waiting for someone to say you may
that you forget the path to freedom lies in giving love away.
all you ever wanted was a joy you couldn’t drop
a moment’s inspiration, a connection at the top
all you ever hoped for was a rock that you could roll
a practical solution to the problem of your soul
but all that ever mattered were the dreams that you passed on
the hope, the heart, gentle kindness
that you shared when you felt strong
you spend a lifetime praying for your god to save the day
you might forget your soul’s salvation lies in giving love away.
some say god is the silence
that lets you hear the truth
don’t go looking for guidance
don’t dig down for proof
all I ever wanted was a voice that understood
an inspiring conversation, a shouldn’t that I could
all i ever fought for was the right to be left alone
a moment free from judgment, the feeling that I’m home
but all that really matters is the life you spread around
the smiles, the praise, the hopeful laughter
that leaves buds bursting from the ground
you can spend a lifetime searching for a rulebook to obey
but the shortest route to find yourself is to give your love away.
give it all away…
you’ve got to give it all away…
some say love is the feeling,
the feeling that you’re whole
giving love is revealing
the whole world shares a soul

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