i watched you leave me from my bedroom window
i heard your laughing whisper as you snuck outside
in the night, your lucky lighter
lit up your smile and then your cigarette
was that regret upon your face, beneath the pride

jenny ran away
jenny ran away
jenny ran

mother cried, until the anger squeezed her dry
your name was sealed inside her airtight pain
she boxed up all the memories
the laughs and smiles that hid the walls
she never took your calls,
and when they stopped she died again

jenny ran away
jenny ran away
jenny ran

you were 16 i’d just turned 9
so much to say so little time
i made you made just to see you care
i pushed you away when i needed you near

now I’m 18 you’d be 25
i hope you’re happy i pray you’re alive
i stay away from crowds ‘cause you’re always there
intil you disappear

christmas morning you hugged me,
singing, feeling well or maybe high
i can still smell the incense in your hair
next day you left I never got to say goodbye
or tell you why you should have taken me along

jenny ran away
jenny ran away

you fought so hard the neighbors complained
it got so quiet when jenny ran away

i hope you still laugh at the sun
life shut down when yours begun