in love



looking back on days gone by
wondering what my life has come to
alone i search my mind for meaning’s cause
the door slams open in he runs
he turns me inside out
i see the sun shine he’s mine
i hold him close
cuz i’m in love
feeling tired and torn to pieces
battered burned and left in ashes
alone i close my eyes and blow away
in she steps with her new found walk
she talks in secrets but i understand
her simple truth
i hold her close
cuz i’m in love – yes it seems so real
in love – cuz it’s how i feel
in love
morning dawns at night
when you’re in my sight
i know the day is done
but life has just begun
warming fire ignites
like christmas lights
the brightest brights
staring down the barrel of
another week of work unending
pretending to care alone i fade
the phone rings out i hear your voice
you bring me home i see your smiling face
your laughing grace
i hold you close
cuz i’m in love – yes it seems so real
in love – cause it’s how i feel
in love
in love – yes it feels so real
in love

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