hold on
samantha picks up the motel phone
can’t dial the number cuz she’s all alone
and in love

welcome home
her husband’s fed the kids
now he’s on the phone
and on her lips another man’s

she can’t seem to breath
still she’s rising above
all alone and all in love
filled to the brim
cut to the bone
so in love and so alone

hold on
it’s been six months
and still she’s told no one
wednesday afternoon’s are golden
then they’re gone

half past one
he’s running late
he must have errands to run
the crossword keeps her mind away from
what she’s done

where can he be?
she can’t call him on the phone
so in love and so alone

she needs something inside
a hand for her glove
all alone and all in love
all alone and all in love
i wonder what she’s thinking of

the lame excuses,
the afternoon showers
those telling bruises,
that dangerous bouquet of flowers
still at night he lies beside me,
never pushes when i say “no”
is he blind deaf or just dumb?
or does he just not care to know?

hold on
samantha packs her bags
ten minutes then she’ll be gone
the note will tell the kids they’re better off

she stands at the door
her feet turned to stone
so alone and so alone

if you go too far away
you can’t come home
all alone and all alone
all alone and all alone
all alone, all alone
all alone
all alone