high dive



the curtains are drawn, dandelions on the lawn
a moving van rumbles away
a house is for sale, they’ll forward the mail
a long time since yesterday
it’s a long time since yesterday

father degannon, dirt on his knees
unfolds his hands and whispers “please
give me the forest, you can keep the trees”

tired mother, hazel, eyes on the ground
if she weren’t weightless, she’d be falling down
god’s love radiating broad spokes of light
but only the sinner sleeps tonight

i’m so happy
you’re so sad
i feel nothing
you feel

emma the neighbor, stuck where she stands
struck by a thought, she wrings her hands
i’ll hug my baby daughter, when i pick her up from band

pippin is leashless, claws at the door
that girl should be coming, there so much more
she paws and she whimpers, she’s old and she’s blind
she longs for that scent one more time

i’m so angry
but that was yesterday
a cloud of confusion
with nothing to say

miles high, headed east
hazel, her husband and son
the cabin’s packed, only one empty seat
at best, the ending’s begun
look what you done

glenn at his window, the new folks move in
those kids look like trouble, a beer and a grin
he’ll wait till Tuesday to welcome them in

john pulls a pushbroom, keeps his eyes on the drain
after weeks of scrubbing, you can still see the stain
and when he gets home, he’ll be thankful for what he’s got
it’s not a lot
it’s everything

empty the pool
and i’ll dive
you want a story
i’ll give you five
for a moment
it feels so good to be alive

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