Happy 80th Birthday Grandpa Chuck!!!


Happy 80th!
That number is a little surreal for a man with a heart as young as yours.
In honor of this special day, we’ve put together a short set of some familiar numbers. We hope they make you smile.
Secret song number 1
Cormac sings AND plays bass guitar on this one. Eat your heart out Paul McCartney.
Secret song number 2
Only music can get Kristin to pay attention to sports. (They were gonna call her Blossom.)
Secret song number 3
Maude closes the show. There are not many who could follow that performance.
Happy Birthday! We love you a lot. Maude, Cormac, Kristin and Andy
P.S. We’re taking you and Jan out to Buco Di Beppo for a birthday celebration when you visit in October. (How’s that for sly invitation?)
P.P.S. Have a wonderful trip!

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