first communion



i got a riddle
tell me what can it be
stuck in the middle
one and one make three
you part the curtains
you drive toward the goal
it starts with flirtin’
but soon you sell your soul

the timber is high
the valley is low
give it a try
and then it’s go baby go
like me mary jo and the mystery oh

i got my flashlight
to turn the night to day
i brought some breadcrumbs
in case we lose our way
we’ll go exploring
we’ll just march right in
it won’t get boring – even if
we do it again and again and again and again

the deeper you go
the higher you fly
you’re headed toward the bottom
now you’re up in the sky
with me mary jo and the mystery oh
oh my jesus, oh lord
oh god, oh christ
i need what you’re selling
i’ll buy it twice

i’d give my life
i lose control
the pillow stifles
the song of my soul
it’s the end of the song
seems you were under a spell
something’s wrong
it’s starting to swell
the hard-knock poem
you break it, you buy it
you’re not alone, it’s you and me
the kid is yours, you can’t deny it

you came for happy hour
now it’s time to wash the dishes
dreams can come true
it all depends what your wish is
me mary jo and the mystery oh

how you remember her smile
but now she’s shouting
open wide
and let the life burst out
over me mary jo and the mystery oh

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