i started out all smiles an cheer
so how the hell did i get here
all the yes’s all of the no’s
they say that’s how the garden grows
there’s days when nothing can make me sad
this morning i woke up feeling bad
the lights go down the color pales
i’m hanging by my fingernails
i know it’s only thoughts in my head
sometimes i’m certain that i’m better off dead
although the evidence says that none of it’s real
it doesn’t change the way that i feel
it’s awful hard to get out of bed
when i can’t do the math in my head
i gotta get free from this jail
still i’m hanging by my finger(nails)
(nails), screws, and rivets
hold the world together
attach the now to forever
blood, flesh, and bones
keep my heart in place
support the thoughts behind my face
sometimes i feel i gotta give up the chase
but i’m floating in outer space
it’s funny when you’re sinking slow
you always got so far to go
i’ll try to kill an hour building a bridge
it beats staring at the back of the fridge
i cheer myself up with this song
it doesn’t matter that it turned out wrong
concentration throws a wind in my sails
when i’m hanging by my fingernails
keep ’em long, keep ’em strong
and live to write another song

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