i still feel your hand in mine
though your ship has sailed away
i still hear your promises
there’s nothing more to say
it’s hard to go on living
in a world so full of holes
so it seems
it’s just me and all our dreams
don’t let go
keep me near
however your world unfolds
i’ll be here
i’ve read your letters so many times
they told me all I longed to hear
when they stopped it’s like the daylight
up and disappeared
my brothers ask me how you been
i say you’re doing fine
it’s getting late
it’s so hard to keep this mask on straight
don’t let go
keep me near
however the world unfolds
you know I’m here
i know what we had was real
doesn’t mean it will last forever
doesn’t mean i won’t regret you
but what i feel is what i feel
and what i feel is never
that’s when i’ll forget you
don’t make me forget you
on the day that i stop checking
there’s a letter in the mail
she said she’s oh so sorry
that she built me such a lonely jail
she says “think of me on friday next,
cause tomorrow I sail for home”
fifth of may
friday next is today
don’t let go
keep me near
however the world unfolds
i’m here
i hold your hand
you whisper in my ear
however the world unfolds
it unfolds right here
it’s all right here
it’s alright here

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