birthday (part one)

watch: from “up, up, and away”

listen: monday song


the sky’s been talking
there’s a rumor in the trees
a whisper in the wind
sparks kiss your fingertips
it’s the calm before a sneeze
a show’s about to begin
breaks the dawn
it’s your birthday
the lights are on
shine away
curtains rise
it’s your birthday
no surprise
only mystery
lady daylight cups your ear
you hear the darkness sing
a music lost in dreams
the wants, the needs, the hopes, the fears,
whose fingers pull your strings,
now only pictures on a screen
safe and sound
it’s your birthday
all around
here to stay
open wide
it’s your birthday
we’re all outside
come out to play
the world is turning
the ocean’s making waves
starlight paints your face
a fire is burning
a spirit rising from the grave
when you’re where you are
everything’s in place
welcome home
it’s your birthday
and love alone
the price you pay
sing a song
it’s your birthday
we all belong
so light the way

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