a great fall


watch “a great fall”


you’ve had a fall, try not to move
lie still and we’ll take care
you spent a long time in the air
welcome to the ground.
can you feel it when I hold your hand?
i’ll squeeze harder, how about now?
we’ll make you whole somehow
don’t make a sound.
you’ve shattered your defenses
you’ve opened what was closed
your hiding place exposed
your inside running out
we’ve gathered up the pieces
now the scissors, twine, and glue
we’ll make a brand new you
better than before.
a liquid transformation
yellow-white to honey brown
we’re humble servants of the crown
we won’t let you down.
a view from the ceiling
a most implausible feeling
the golden mess below
while above, perfection fills the glow
time to go
welcome back, it’s been a while
we did our best to make you well
but there was entirely too much shell
in the soft white underneath.
we tried to make you normal
but you’re just like all the rest
a stranger to the nest
your head in the clouds
if you’d never thought of flying
then all would still be well
you’d still be sleeping in your shell.

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