sinking home


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you caught me turning backward yearning
blacker than a factory floor
papers flying circuits frying
dying of a love i live for
painted over moviegoer
to show her less can take more time
i’m a dreamer last i seen her
smiling tween a brier and a tear
i’m afraid the dues i paid
are more than i made all of last year
i’m alone just skin and bone
i’m trying to find the key to the throne
diving down
sinking home
thought i caught her meaning but
it’s seeming all i caught was pretend
a bitter understanding hit her
fanned the flames that burned down the end
dreams die underwater see the
flowers i bought her crushed and thrown away
waiting for a sign anticipating
the design of my fall
diving ever deeper fast asleep
her thriving spat on my stall
ear up to the mirror never
clearer when she hung up the phone
breaking down
sinking home
choking toward the bottom better
smoke ‘em if you got ‘em at hand
whisper in the water no point
fishing if you caught her on land
lungs are burning tongue is turning
bluer than the bluest bluebird can
losing all the feeling falling
bruising haunting peeling my pride
suffocating madness hate so
glad the squealing’s finally died
desperation cold abyss i
penetrate my soul is a stone
diving down
sinking home
breaking down
sinking home
blacking out
sinking home
diving down
sinking home
breaking down
sinking home
blacking out
welcome home

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