i'm staying up to see santa claus

watch and listen


“the night before christmas” is over and gone
“the grinch” and “olive” too.
i rub at my eyes, pretending to yawn,
my parents sneak out, here’s what i’m going to do…
i’m staying up to see santa claus
i’ve waited all year for this night
i know it’s against all the christmas laws
but i’m desperate and i’ll be polite
i’m staying up to see santa himself
to make him a bold proposition
since billions of toys must be hand-made by elf
there must be an open position
my resume sparkles, i’m a prime candidate
i’m industrious, clean, a born leader, never late,
i’ve got brains and tiny fingers for the tiniest of toys
i’m a gift wrapping wizard and I seldom make noise
i’m staying up to see santa claus
i’ll be ready to go when he comes
i’ve packed up my toothbrush, my hammers, my saws
said goodbye to my dog and my drums
i’m staying up to see santa come down
i’ll sit by the chimney and wait
but for now i’ll lie here, i won’t make a sound
cause my parents don’t sleep until late
9 o clock ticks by quick, look again, 9:01,
just a few short hours then the deed will be done,
9:05, 9:10 sure i might miss my friends
9:15, 9:15, 9:15 again…
i see boots, a red jacket, then the gentlest face
he’s pleased to meet me, if i’m free there’s a space,
i help lay out presents, take mine back to the sleigh,
but as I climb up the chimney, something pulls me away
my alarm clock is ringing, it’s 7:15
while santa was bringing in gifts, i just dreamed
i’m heartbroken, despondent, in deepest despair
‘til i see the christmas tree at the foot of the stairs
next year i’ll wait up for santa claus
this year i’m lucky i stayed
race cars, goalie pads, toss across
othello, clue, chess and charades
next year i’ll wait up ‘til santa calls
and we’ll discuss my future career
for now it’s okay. it’s alright to stay,
cuz it’s christmas and i’m happy right here

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