coming soon: "up, up, and away"

i’m going to take a break for the summer while i work on my next project, “up, up, and away.” my goal is to release an album comprising fifteen plus monday songs (something of a double album), accompanied by a suite of videos and a memoir tracking a florid manic episode i experienced back in 1999.

it was the vernal equinox, i was jesus’ final age at the time (33) and the new millenium loomed, making it an event rich in symbolism and grandiosity. i capture the big picture in the video for the song “up, up, and away” from my monday songs album, which concluded with the hindenberg footage above – an apt metaphor. i trust the scale of this new project will offer a manic experience of it’s own.

unless some sideways inspiration strikes in the coming weeks, i hope to start releasing videos in the fall. in a perfect world, i’d complete the whole thing in late november right in time for my 50th birthday.