monday underground #1: "woe, woe, christmas cheer"


i should probably apologize for releasing this before christmas. i had planned a cute holiday video, where i’d show ugly sweaters, fattening foods, and sleep-deprived kids. But as it developed, the message became darker, more cynical, and a whole lot funnier.

the result felt like enough of a change of pace that it made sense to use it to christen the new blog (no pun intended). it’s a couple weeks early, so i haven’t transitioned any of the art or content yet, but i hope to get that done before the new year.

after trying every word in the english language after “monday,” i’ve settled on “monday underground” for the new content. to me it suggests a more subversive vision, darker, relying more heavily on experimentation and the unknown in my process. the title also hints at the unconscious as a source of inspiration and motivation. i’m hoping for some blend of outsider art and musical theater. like the twilight zone, but with a beat.

i hope to flesh out this vision more as i go along in the new year. i’ll most likely take next week off, then after that, i’m planning to release videos every monday of 2015. what better way to spend my fiftieth year?

enjoy the holidays!