monday song #69: sad song


note: it’s been over a year since i’ve posted any music. during that time i’ve recorded and mixed a new album, ‘monday songs,’ which will be out on the lazy bones label, aug 1. i’ll put a link up at that time. between now and then i hope to add a few more songs: i’ve missed doing this.

i couldn’t sleep friday morning so i got up at 4am and sat down at the piano. this song was more or less done an hour later. i’ve spent the last few days adding little touches to nail down the atmosphere a bit better. after months of perfectionism preparing my album, it’s a little hard to slip back into the homespun ethos of monday songs. this song is something of a transition, i think.

i’m particularly proud of the bridge: the words and music arrived pretty much spontaneously. there’s a certain soaring quality to the grief, an upside in feeling so much, even if the feelings are painful ones. i figured ‘sad song’ pretty much captured it.


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