monday song #27: the button


probably the most depressing song yet, but i’m sure i can top it.
after two weeks of revery, mr. sullivan emerges back in his hospital room. things continue downhill.

not much to say here. the battlefield has shrunk to the point of the few inches that separate reality from dreams, and for our hero, the lines are drawing still closer.

there comes a point where there is nothing you can do but try to make the patient comfortable. and though the body can be sedated, the mind keeps reaching, grabbing, stumbling to find some peace.

but not yet.

the closer he comes to the end, the closer he comes to his son.

no references to speak of, except for borrowing a change or two from “the night sky.” it’s a thin line between allusion and repetition. the trick is capturing the mood of monotony and pain without being monotonous and painful.

wonder is in the eye of the beholder.