holiday songs w/coco&mo


  1. mr. blue sky
  2. i'm afraid the masquerade is over
  3. rise and shine
  4. with a little help from my friends
  5. i'm yours
  6. think about your troubles
  7. fill your heart
  8. in my life
  9. you go to my head
  10. van lingle mungo
  11. pennies from heaven
  12. this will be our year
  13. love
  14. christmas time is here
  15. hark! the herald angels sing
  16. i'm staying up to see santa claus
  17. you're a mean one, mr. grinch
  18. jingle bells
  19. a hard day's night



the making of…

for over a decade it was a holiday tradition in our home to record an annual “holiday song” for the xmas/new year’s season. from december 2003 to january 2015 we released eleven classics and two originals, as well as a half dozen birthday songs. here’s a little background on each, from oldest to newest:

“a hard day’s night”
– my wife kristin’s birthday, apr 2003. cormac (4) on vocals and a wicked tin whistle solo. i’m on distant background vocals.

“jingle bells” – xmas 2003. cormac (5) belts with confidence; maude (2) opens and closes the show, chipping in some background vocals in between. this was really the one that got it all started.

maude_xmas“you’re a mean one, mr. grinch” (geisel/hague) – xmas 2004.  i had just finished mixing “give it all away,” and the enthusiasm shines through in the unhinged arrangement. cormac (6) kills his verses; then maude (3) steps in for her first solo performance and steals the show. here she is a couple days after recording. >

“i’m staying up to see santa claus” (liotta) – xmas 2005. maude (4) takes the intro and re-intro; cormac (7) sings his ass off on the verses; kristin and i on bridge duty. in a parallel universe, this sold a million copies back in 1962.

“christmas time is here” (guaraldi/mendelson) – xmas 2006. cormac (8) hits the angelic high notes. he also played a rock solid “linus and lucy” that year.

“hark the herald angels” – xmas 2006.  maude (5) sings with gusto; cormac (8) plays the opening piano. (“tryinth of the skies” went on to be a huge hit for the slovakian prog band bandersnatch rumpeldozer.)

“love” (john lennon) – kristin birthday, apr 2007. maude (5) sings her heart out.

grinch_disk_final“this will be our year” (chris white) – holidays 2007/2008. maude (6) sings the first verse; cormac (9) takes the last last verse. kristin and i sang the penny lane harmonies. note: it was after this recording that maude determined to eliminate “the lisp.”

“pennies from heaven” (johnston/burke) – holidays 2008/2009. cormac (10) sings the verse; maude (7) sings the famous part of the song. “the lisp” has been elimated.

“you go to my head” (coots/gillespie) – grandpa chuck’s 80th birthday, aug 2009. maude (7) kills this one.

“in my life” (lennon/mccartney) – grandpa chuck’s 80th birthday, aug 2009. cormac (10) sings with feeling and plays bass.

“van lingle mungo” (dave frischberg) – grandpa chuck’s 80th birthday, aug 2009. kristin does her best blossom dearie.

“fill your heart” (rose/williams) – holidays 2009/2010. cormac (11) sings the first verse + maude harmony; maude (8) sings the second verse + cormac harmony.

“think about your troubles” (harry nilsson) – holidays 2010/2011. cormac (12) sings the first half; maude (9) sings the second half. kristin sings the cool harmonies.


“i’m yours” (jason mraz) – holidays 2011/2012. maude (10) sings through illness; cormac (13) plays guitar; dad on uke. after years of over-dubbing, this track is recorded live in a single take.

“with a little help from my friends” (lennon/mccartney) – holidays 2012/2013. maude (11) sings; kristin and i sing harmonies, cormac (14) took the year off, due to wisdom teeth removal.

“rise and shine” (liotta) – holidays 2013/2014. maude (12) slays the vocals; cormac (15) accompanies on stand-up bass, including a sweet solo; kristin delivers the haunting background vocals.

“i’m afraid the masquerade is over” (wrubel/madgison) – grandpa chuck’s 85th birthday, august 2014. maude (12) slays once again; cormac (15) on electric bass.

“mr. blue sky” (jeff lynne) – holidays 2014/2015. maude (13) sings lead; cormac (16) plays stand-up bass; kristin and i sing back up. i made a fun video for this one: