monday song #48: fading to grey



for matt margolin.

we played music together for many years. back then, he was one of my closest friends. and though we hadn’t seen much of each other this past decade, i always thought of him with great fondness. a kind man, a chaotic genius on the guitar, and a champion of the fifteen cent poker bet. he was my daughter’s godfather.

i wrote this song last weekend, before matt had the sudden and unexpected medical emergency that eventually took his life on friday. when i heard of his collapse, i had a hard time finding my feelings, there was so much confusion and shock and distance. but as i finished recording yesterday, i realized that i had hidden those feelings in this song.

i will miss him.


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  • Ned Acker on

    Hey Andy, beautiful stuff…this is so weird. Tim called me yesterday and its just so fucking surreal losing Matt, I’m going to Larry’s on Weds. maybe I’ll see you if you make the trek – give your lovely wife and family some smoochies on my behalf and I’ll keep listening for monday songs…Ned

  • Doug Hagen on

    Andy, this is a beautiful song. Thank you.
    I’m so sorry to hear about Matt. Don’t know what to say except I’ll miss knowing he’s around….

  • Marlene on

    I’d forgotten about the 15 cent Margolin. Thanks for the memory and the beautiful song.

  • Dee on

    Beautiful Andy, thank you.

  • jon rubin on


  • Howard on

    Oh look what you did. you made me cry.

  • Greg Vincent on

    Great song, Andy.

    I’ve lost touch with Monday Songs cuz I only have a computer at the office and don’t like listening to music at work.

    Had to make an exception for Matt’s song, though…

    Thanks for sharing this, my friend. -GV

  • Sean Hecht on

    Thanks for this, Andy.

  • Jennifer on

    Andy, I remember when I first met you and Matt. Larry took me to see The Smoking Rhythm Prawns and you had gorgeous flowing long hair and Matt had those amazing dimples and sweet smile. This is a beautiful song in his honor. His dimples would be showing big time right now listening to this. Thank you.

  • Vero on

    In spanish it´s an adjective: “emocionada”. That´s what I am with all the pictures I´ve seen and words I´ve read about Matt these days…but the music, it just hits your soul, defenseless, filterless… more than emotion…thank you Andy and thank you Matt

  • Sherman Loper on

    Andy, I just heard. Thank you for sharing this song. I’ve lost touch with Matt but miss him all the same.

  • Larry on

    You are a poetic soul, Andy. And so was Matt. That’s why you made some beautiful music together, and why this is such a fitting tribute. The Neil Young counter melody at the end of the song was perfection.

  • Curtis Stankalis on

    Thanks Andy.

  • Dana on

    How you managed to push something so beautiful out of your broken heart is something I’ll never entirely fathom, but I deeply appreciate. This is a moving tribute, and does justice to your artistic connection to Matt, and as if that’s not enough, its a frickin a-side. Thank you.

  • Richard Hewitt on

    Grew up across the street from you. Kick-the-can, skateboarding, flashlight tag. Never thought you’d sing like this.
    Haven’t seen you or Matt since the 80s; perhaps its the path to freedom that we disagreed about. That doesn’t change the memories. Your song catches my emotions as I relive those years. Wishing you the best.

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